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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 14, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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thanks for joining us! [ applause ] (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. makron 4 news at 4:00 a.m. starts now believe it is wednesday november 14, 2012 to a live look at san francisco. clear skies as the mock up continues. will the quick check of our forecast with erica in a few minutes. >> we begin with the massive flooding in daly city. winner of the reservoir ruptured that sent 45,000 gal. of water down hill. it affected for blocks. the pipe had been in use since the early 1930's. no homes were flooded but 12 homes were evacuated as a
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precaution. there is no report of injuries. >> cleanup started immediately yesterday morning. as of last night they are putting the finishing touches on the massive cleanup. four streets were flooded. it took time to dig the cars out. here is what residents in the area had to say. >> i was like wow. it cleared out quickly. by 5:00 all the cars on the left side in the mud was gone. i thought it would be longer. i'm sure it would be longer to assess what happened spirit that park is gone. >> has some as i stepped outside everything was covered with mud i cannot see the street. my car was engulfed with mud. when i walked on the street it was up to my knees. >> when we walked out we saw mud all over the place. >> when we first left the
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house of mud was first starting to, you could see mud covering the grass from a parked over here. when we came back we saw the blood was a lot higher. >> i. c. daly city has some explaining to do. >> residents were allowed back into their homes around 1130 yesterday morning. the residents' water did have to be turned off a short time but no water has been affected from the break it >> the time is 4:02 a.m. on your wednesday morning a check on your weather with erica. not as chilly out there erica. how's that gradual of coming this way. >> you are right any. it is 2-5 degrees warmer compared to 24 hours ago. it is cold with temperatures in the 40's. downtown santa school a little bit warmer in the 50s now. into the afternoon
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will continue with the warming trend thanks to an offshore flow. expect upper 60s low seventies and as we head into the evening hours a clouds return to the forecast. mild conditions temperatures dropping into the 50s and 60s. here is a look at t. richmond downtown to francisco 55 degrees. 42 in fairfield. into the afternoon futurecast 4 shows by three green and yellow on your screen. we have to colors to contend with green indicating 60s to the heart of the bay. seventies for our in the spot. the south bay and up into the north bay as we push the clock in 2:08 p.m. the fifties return especially to the inland areas. your afternoon highs plenty of seventies and the south bay. fremont 71. 724 santa clara. los gatos at 75. 73 in campbell. mostly
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sunny conditions to the east bay 71 in walnut creek. 73 in pleasanton. and i stayed in the north bay 724 napa. 71 for novato. downtown san francisco a nice day 70 degrees. 60 in daly city. oakland at 73. big changes to talk about. a major change is headed our way. a storm system that moves from the pacific is about 1,000 mi. off shore. it will expect to have us thursday heading into friday. we could see rain for your morning commute. the chance for residual shower last on saturday. another system dropping down from the gulf of alaska could bring heavy rain and gusty conditions sunday into monday. the possibility of four wet weather in to next
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tuesday. we will continue to fine-tune your forecast to the traffic center. >> an accident and injury reported in the counter flow direction eastbound arawn camino pop low. a vehicle fire in a veranda. over to our bridges and disquiet. and of delays at the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge is just fine westbound 92 towards foster city. south bound 101 no issues with visibility. no accidents to report. a couple of headlights making its way into san francisco. the drive is 22 minutes out of novato into the city. any. >> new this morning a fire in contra costa county. the fire broke out around 1130--12:30 p.m. on the 50th hundred brblock a share
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would force drive. the cause of the fire is unknown. estimated damage is around $100,000. the governing boards of california state university and university of california had heeded pleas from governor jerry brown to postpone a proposed tuition increases. the proposed fees were intended to improve graduation rates and free seats for new students. by charging a " for super senior fees. seniors who have committed 160 units would be charged a per unit feed. governor brown says cost must be controlled and not passed along to students. >> in a santa clara county where authorities have filed additional charges against the man who they say kidnapped and missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar.
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the attacks happened in 2009 at two different safeway stores in the south bay. garcia torras had previously worked at a safeway. during one of the attacks on police say tourists used a stun gun on one of the women. although he was only 17 at the time of the attack san clara police will charge thorez as an adult. >> the d in eight of garcia taurus was discovered on lamars close. there were found near a bus stop where she was believed to have been heading the day of her disappearance. >> we will be right back up on the kron 4 morning news first a live look outside
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from the san mateo bridge. no problem getting through in traffic. in san mateo conditions 45 degrees. by noon mid-60s. the afternoon high lower seventies and plenty of sunshine before changes come your way this weekend.
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welcome back. taking a look at the stock market. a late slide on wall street. with a modest slide at the close of trading. is a look at the numbers. the dow lost about half a percent. fell 59. just under 12,00760. the nasdaq dropped about 20 points while the best impis' shied nearly six. . >> it is the biggest block
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of facebook shares stocks to be freed from so-called lock up restrictions since the ipo. it will nearly double the number of facebook shares available on the market. we will follow the story all morning and bring you updates as they become available. >> the number face profiles on facebook is growing. the networking giants do not like that. the report from the new york times as false profiles and fraudulent likes to get into in danger the the world's largest social network. the man in charge of facebook securities says the new automated system is now in place to purge fake likes. >> the finance chief for zi nga. david and wanker is leaving. he will take a
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senior finance position at facebook. he's been replaced as cfo. the company expects an adjusted earnings at two or 3¢ per share. >>t vo is an atm tebow zone. the company is donning a dollar to its like on the 10th tee bo facebook pays for the tim t. ball foundation. >> the recall was prompted by problems with the vehicles' steering shaft. an electric power pump. the vehicles could be damaged
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and neglect to switch into hybrid mode if they are not fixed. 670,000 of the recalled vehicles were sold in the u.s.. the others are spread across japan and europe. the automaker plans to notify buyers by mail. this is toyota's second recall in many months. >> first a live look outside on this wednesday morning from the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see traffic is like. the current temperature in downtown san francisco 55 degrees. a few degrees milder compared to yesterday morning start. it should be pretty nice day the warmest day in the next seven days highs and the lawyer seventies by this afternoon. more on your forecasting a traffic with erica. first will take a break
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welcome back. the time is
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415 a m. skiers in lake tahoe will be able to hit the slopes earlier thanks to mother nature. heavenly resorts and north star will be opening their lifts two days ahead of schedule. recent storms have dumped more than 3 ft. of snow in the area. they are also making snow. other ski resorts including kirkwood are set to open this friday. great news for the skiers and snowboards including myself. >> and look at your weather and traffic for this wednesday morning is a little model. erica has your forecast. >> good morning annie. still holding onto some of per forties' from mountain view. 41 in napa. haywood warmer than yesterday's at 51. 59 in half moon bay. palo alto degrees. those numbers into the afternoon we will see
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seventies. the sunshine into the afternoon. today could be the warmest of the week. milpitas 71 degrees. 724 santa clara and san jose. antioch 70 degrees 714 walnut creek. mostly sunny conditions a pleasant day for the north bank. 744 santa rosa. downtown san francisco 70. 72 in san mateo. upper 60s for ocean beach in daly city. here is the bigger picture satellite and radar on our clear for now. today will be the warmest of the week. we have changes in the form of wet weather. about 1,000 mi. offshore we are tracking system that will bridge in from the coast line. futurecast 4 set up for thursday 6:00 p.m.. we could
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see wet weather from the south. we advance the clock 7, 8, 9, 10, 11:00 p.m. later that night indicates the showers will be relatively light in nature. it will continue into friday. residual shower into saturday as well. this other system could bring heavy rains for the entire bay area coming in from the north. along with it gusty conditions. i do not think we will see a wind advisory. keep your umbrellas handy as we take it to the traffic center. >> looking good at the bridges. the live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza a handful of cars. i do not see any metering lights. we are seeing top speeds on the incline and across the upper deck. at the san mateo bridge no problems getting to the bridge coming down
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the nimitz freeway. the tetelex heading out with foster city. south bound 101 could coming across the golden gate bridge. the nimitz freeway miles long no problem for westbound 580 par . >> thank you erica. grows to store workers are returning back to work after three days of negotiation. workers and management reached an agreement. workers walked off the job in november after a 15 month contract dispute. the new settlement guarantees workers will keep their jobs seniority and health-care eligibility and not be retaliated for exercising their rights. customers are happy to strike is over.
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>> everything is back to normal i do my shopping here get my guest here. >> i'm glad it's over. not only for the stores primarily for the people were striking. >> the two sides have been in cost over wages and benefits including proposals to eliminate health care benefits for retirees eligible for medicare. >> surveillance pictures have been a release of two suspects involved in walnut creek kidnapping. the two men kidnapped a woman as she was walking to her car afterward. the video joseph --the video came from one of the atms the suspect hit as they drove all around town and the victim's car and disclosed in taking an undisclod amount of cash. police say
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they only have a brief physical description of the two but said both were seemingly in their 20s, however, police to have some lead on their identity. >> they went by the names of david and aubrey but we do not know if that is there with names. the one with a bite and are free is the white male dubbin his early mid-20s 5 ft. 9 in. and 120 lbs.. they believe the victim did not know the suspect. they said the suspects planned the attack carefully. >> police are investigating a late night berkeley at the oakland museum of california located near lake merritt. it happened around midnight tuesday morning. a security guard was able to alert police to respond within minutes. the burglars got away with some items. the museum director said
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hathis has shaken up the staff. >> very distraught and said that people will enter this facility and take things that are for the public's benefit. >> police said they had made an arrest in the case but it is unclear whether or not stolen items have been located or if investigators are looking for additional suspects. >> police are looking for a man assaulting three women in san francisco's mission district. the man was found guilty on 25 felony counts including sexual assault, kidnapping, and a robbery for attacking three women last year. this defendant will go to prison for life.thate belongs. >> this is someone that does not belong in the streets. this is someone does not belong in our community. frankly he is an animal.
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>> is facing life in prison when he is sentenced next month. >> to san francisco fire department has controlled smoke that broke out in city hall. firefighters recall to city hall on reports of smoke. they arrived to find the building's sprinkler systems had been activated. fire officials said the smoke had come from the a problem with an electrical panel. a small crew remained throughout the night. the small fires that broke out was handled by the building's sprinkler system. >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news. first let us take a look. actually we will be right back the time now is for 20 3:00 a.m.. --4:23 am. @ñ
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welcome back. the time is for:25. residents of the east coast say it is a
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monumental cleanup. many residents do not have power three weeks after the storm as it. people in belle harbor--the neighborhood was flooded but wiped out by a fire as well. destroyed dozens of homes. >> the new york governor says many people on long island has not have power restored because their mother to the unsafe to have it connected. >> plane crashed into a mississippi home killing two pilots. one person escaped from the burning home and only suffered minor injuries. the pilots had just taken off from the single engine plane began to falter. one of the pilots asked to return to the airport but the plane went down minutes later. you concede emergency crews and smoke rising from the side of the crash. >> there were flying to a
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safety conference less than 30 mi. away. >> the man of accusing--the man now says his sexual relationship with class was adult and consensual and clashed seeing here said he is relieved the painful and allegations that the put to rest. >> pop of john customers nationwide have filed a to under $50 million class action lawsuit because they said the pizza chain sent out half a million unwanted spam text. some customers say they got 15 or 16 tax in a row. the plaintiffs said john never asked permission to send the advertisement. could get up to $1,600 per
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text. if it is ruled that poppa john's willfully broke the law. here is a live look outside from the san mateo bridge traffic is like during this 4:00 a.m. hour. >> temperatures again warmer today before some big changes come this way we will be right back.
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the latest on the massive flooding in daly city we now know that and 8 in. cast iron pipe on daily city's reservoir three ruptured early yesterday morning. sending 45,000 gal. of water flowing into the street and affecting floor box. the
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pipe has been used since the 1930's. 12 homes were evacuated as a precaution. there are no reports of any injuries. a clean-up started immediately yesterday morning. crews are putting on the finishing touches of the massive flooding cleanup. >> no homes were flooded the cars you can see here on rows and avenue. >> it took time to dig the cars out here is what residents in the area had to say. >> i saw the cars i said it was cleared out quickly. by 5:00 the car and the mud was gone. i was sure it would be longer paren. >> as soon as i stepped outside everything was covered with much i could not industry. my car was engulfed with mud. when i walk on the street it was above my knees. >> when we walked out is all
4:32 am
the mud all over the place. all out. >> when we first left the h ouse you see mud covering the grass if when we came back we saw the mother was a lot higher and more prominent. >> i see that daly city has some explaining to do. be people were back in their homes, 1130. slaughter supplies did have to be turned off with a short time. to that-whateve water ha dts to be turned off. >> temperatures will climb into the seventies for most of the bay area especially well from the coast line. temperatures in the '40's and '50's. into tomorrow
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cooler conditions ahead. more in the way of cloud cover. beginning tomorrow night we could see rain in the late evening hours approaching from the coast. that will continue as we look ahead into an unsettled weekend. we will keep the wet weather i around as we start the next work week. details will come up in your your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast . now futurecast 4 is taking your temperatures into the afternoon. '60s and '70s to route the bay area. 8:00 p.m. we will introduce '50s. as we take a look at your afternoon ties downtown san francisco could reach 70 degrees. 67 in half moon bay. your satellite and radar shows the bigger picture. the storm system about 1,000 mi. offshore to reach the bay area coming from the coast first. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast does show we will
4:34 am
continue to see wet weather each and every day. keep an umbrella head the you will need it. heavy rain and gusty conditions scheduled for sunday with to see the chance for a shower until monday and tuesday. >> in the traffic center it is quiet. we have minor accidents other than that nothing to slow you down. the bay bridge toll plaza good out of oakland and to the city. now wait at the toll plaza. top speeds up the incline and approaching treasure island. at the san mateo bridge traffic conditions 12 minutes from into in. >> thank you erica. new this morning a firefighter and contra costa county is recovering after he was heard battling a fire. the fire broke out around 12:38
4:35 am
p.m. on the 5800 of sherwood forest drive. the cause of the fire is unknown. total estimated damage is around $100,000. >> talks continue in washington on the so-called fiscal cliff and mix of tax increases and spending cuts take effect next era. martha shane has more. >> we want an agreement to an agreement. republicans and democrats have 48 days to come up with that agreement and avoid having the nation over a fiscal cliff. the president will meet with top american ceos to get their thoughts. on tuesday labor leaders went to the house to discuss a tax increase unless congress compromises. >> the president like we are his committed to preserving
4:36 am
the tax breaks for the middle class and making sure rich people pay their fair share. >> if things do not change the tax cuts will expend for middle income americans in january. the estimated house will face a tax increase of $3,500. >> thinking a refund may not be a possibility for some people will use the money to take care of the expenses. that would be tough. >> democrats want higher taxes on the wealthy and keep the current tax rate for the middle class. republicans want to cut government spending. a new poll shows that lawmakers are too far apart. have think congress will not reach a deal. i'm martha shane reporting. >> nancy pelosi will announce her plans later this month. she has scheduled a news conference
4:37 am
to discuss what she will stay on as the democratic house leader. pelosi 13 election in san francisco but has not said whether or not she plans to run for office when her term ends. pelosi also made history when she was the first woman speaker of the house. the time is for 30 7:00 a.m. wednesday morning moorhead on the kron 4 morning news. first and live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. another beautiful day in store. a gradual warming trend continues. big changes could impact your weekend plans we will be back.
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former vice- presidential candidate paul ryan says he was shocked about not winning the election. president obama won virtually every critical battleground states including lyle. ryan said that is the moment he realized things were going south. >> when the numbers came in going the other direction we saw the kind of turn out that was occurring in urban areas it was unprecedented. it did come as a shock. those are the kind of lost have the ones that get you by surprise. he continues to hold his seat in congress. >> meanwhile mitt romney lost thousands of facebook france since he lost the election. after the results came in the washington post notice the drop on friday.
4:41 am
the presidential candidate lost about a thousand flights per hour. as of monday afternoon he still had more than 12 mean facebook fans and $1.7 million on twitter. >> the library in pleasant hill will be recognized by the white house today. in libraries and museums across the country are being honored at the white house for contributions that may to their community. they will receive the 2012 national medal for museum and library service. >> mormon the kron 4 morning news. first a live look outside on this wednesday morning from the golden gate bridge. the fog. almost no cars. a couple of cars. this mot will be a gorgeous day as
4:42 am
the gradual loss of continues for one more day. changes come through that could impact your weekend. eric hatcher forecast when we come back. stick around. --erica has your forecast
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the clips cast its 95 mi. chattel on the northern territory. >> the next solar eclipses will not happen until 2015. >> turning our focus to the bay area weather.
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>> not bad. temperatures are between two and five degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. no issues with visibility as we take it live from our roof cam in downtown san francisco. thirties' now but instead forties' and '50s-- not talking thirties' next forties' and '50s instead. >> as we take a look at the temperatures into the afternoon plenty of seventies to go around. again today will be the warmest day of the week in many locations thanks to an offshore flow. the sunshine will be in to the afternoon. 72 for santa clara and san jose 71 from mountain view. sunny conditions to the east bay fairfield 70. 71 for walnut creek in castro valley. 73 in pleasanton. a
4:46 am
nice day in the north bay. 744 santa rosa. downtown san francisco seventies. 73 in oakland. satellite and radar hold the key to the bigger story we are tracking a system that will come in from the pacific. it is adding about 1,000 mi. offshore expected to hit the coast sometime thursday night. it will continue into friday. futurecast for this is one of the earlier models could see changes. the rain will approach from the rest. west. all the light green on your screen indicates light rain. this will continue friday morning. it could expect messy conditions when you're leaving your house. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we have potential for wet weather in
4:47 am
to the weekend. it will be unsettled saturday into sunday. more showers on saturday heavy widespread rain. gusty conditions. maybe when the advisory on tap for sunday. monday we will continue to see rainshowers persist into next week as well. we could see an inch of rain for some of our urban spots by sunday afternoon. 2 in. for some of our higher elevations. temperatures will be in the '60s. around the seasonal average. we will have more on your forecast in a bit. >> in the traffic center it is quiet we did have an accident injuries reported eastbound highway 24 in a veranda. orinda paren. as we tae
4:48 am
it live to our traffic cameras a great time to leave the house. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is fine. if you more cars compared to our last report still no metering lights. at the san mateo bridge traffic moves while topps be south towards foster city. southdown 101 clear conditions no accidents to report coming out of marin county. green on our roadways sensors speeds over 50 mi. per hour. to the peninsula no incidents to report it looks good for the bayshore freeway and for interstate 280. as for public transit no delays for a.c. transit, bartok or age trained number one. >> taking erica in the north bay a man who died when his pickup truck plant in to the marin county pickup truck has been identified. he is
4:49 am
71 year-old richard giocanini. firefighters pulled him from the water but they could not revive him. no word on what caused him to lose control of his car. >> san francisco police are looking for a muni passenger who attacked a man with a knife. the two men got into an argument on the afternoon on a bus. one of them pulled out a knife. the other was slashed on hand attentive to grab it. the suspect is between 40-50 years old. he ran off near the corner of haight street and central avenue. people have been arrested in the chow cornering in san francisco. nearly 100 officers from 23 law enforcement officers to dissipate in the citywide things. police took a mobile
4:50 am
forensic lab and immediately seized hard drive and searched for evidence something that could easily take months. >> a santa clara truck driver will sspend seven years in prison for killing a cocaine dealer seven years ago. in his city police arrested donald wilson. the body was found wrapped in a blanket in an abandoned car in 1983. police believe he was killed because of a drug deal. >> and a82 year old san francisco man has been missing. he has been reported missing on november 6, 2002 days after he was seen leaving his home. he went for a walk about 9:00 a.m. that morning. he was last seen wearing a blue baseball cap, a black
4:51 am
jacket, and some slippers. the family says he is hard of hearing. >> business owners in richmond are chipping in for increased surveillance and security. the money is going to the richmond police department network of cameras are around the city. the department has 40 that are monitored round-the- clock by retired officers of the department. >> the additional four cameras every receive are going to allow us to completely cover the streets. that is important because it is a main hope of the business district 23rd street merchants. is the heart of the community for richmond. >> additional cameras will be added to the business corridor to complete the contract. the three oakland police officers deliver a baby boy along the side of the road last week. they were reunited with a child and family. >> this deft as the baby was
4:52 am
born at a gas station a shell gas station. nolan is a happy baby. he was 7 lbs. 14 oz. the mother knew after having four children there was no way she would have made it to the hospital if she had gotten on the freeway. >> if i would have them the car i would have penick i was already in a state of canada.panic. >> but i checked his head was coming out. i need someone to hold the legs. the baby just came and some grabbed the head first and then the body. >> there he is sleeping soundly. baby nolan said name has significance. he was born across the street from the no one to that the
4:53 am
shell gas station across the street. his name is no one shall miller.--nolan shell miller. >> another warm day big change is coming your way we will be right back. ♪
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here is today's hollywood minute scope. >> there is a special delivery headed to the north pole. angelina jloey and all
4:56 am
six of her children sent her wish list fofrom an english village. th >> the baby arrived two weeks late. the 34 year-old extras block about her pregnancy and was ready to deliver. posted i have yet to learnif i have yet lato learn patience my son is teaching me now. >> donald trump fired back saying " i question the legitimacy of accuracy of the web site and a number of signatures claimed on the petition. the trump organization buys his longstanding relationship with macy's and looks forward to many more years of continuous success. for
4:57 am
hollywood minute. >> a quick look at your 7 day around the bay forecast another nice beautiful day. milder. temperatures in the low seventies. and the bay low seventies. changes will come by friday and for the weekend. a big storm is attacking us for potentially sad is sunday and monday. still ahead on the kron for more news residents are back home after a flood forces them to evacuate in daly city. take a look at the damage as well as the cleaning efforts. if you are looking for to the skiing season. you are in luck. ski resorts and lake tahoe are opening today. will tell you i ski resorts opening before the normal ski season. will check in with erica who has a look at our forecast and will also talk to george was watching our morning commute. we will be right back.
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will come back to the kron 4 news. >> earnings were up 18% in their first quarter. they did want about an abrupt slowdown in technology standing. cisco made 1 billion for the company. facebook shares are down overnight. more shares are becoming available today as the lock up. in 4700707 7 million shares. will have more on that with jackie sissel in a live report. >> the finance chiefs of zinga is leaving.
5:10 am
>> toyota is recalling more than two and half million second-generation previous models worldwide. is prompted by problems with an electric motopowered motor pump. 670,000 of these recalled pruis or so in the u.s.. customers will be notified by mail. this ottoman maker to a major recall. >> the power is back on at san francisco's city hall after an explosion in the basement. just before 930 and led to open a book of slocan the building cognizanof the sprinkler systemo go off. >> it is 5:10 a.m. still ahead on the kron 4 morning
5:11 am
news times to hit the slopes snowboards and skiers getting out early. we will tell you which lake tahoe resorts are open starting today. you can see no traffic and it is clear.
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it is time to sski and snowboard. >> cold temperatures have been blowing snow starting today heavenly of things up today as well as the north star. they will open their own lives and runs two days ahead of schedule. the recent storms that dumped more than 3 ft. of snow in the area. the others q resource including kirk: and squa will be open on monday.
5:15 am
>> it is clear and eyes and the bay area it will be a beautiful day. looking at the approach to the bay ridge on the left. the san mateo bridge looks equally as could on the ride. the us talk about today erica. >> let us just focus on today is two to five degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. we are contending with the '30's. not to that of the morning. we will continue to see the warm off into the afternoon. now it is 40 degrees in mountain view. 53 in hayward. 57 and half moon bay. napa at 41. the temperatures into the afternoon '60s and '70s to look for too. as we put the clock into motion set for 8:00 p.m. tonight we will see below trickle in from inland areas indicating '50s. along with that was it more clout cover. cooler weather is on the way. later
5:16 am
this afternoon low seventies for south bay. 75 in los gatos 72 in san jose. redwood city 73. mostly sunny conditions fairfield 70. 73 for pleasanton. 74 in livermore. in the north bay and other pleasant day. 72 for napa. downtown san francisco getting in the next at 70 degrees 66 if you're heading to ocean beach parent 73 in oakland. sau lan and radar highlights the changes heading our way. will be contending with the system pushing in from the pacific. it is about 1,000 mi. offshore. once it arrives 39. we could see light lane approaching from the coastline as best to our south. it will grow more widespread. green on your
5:17 am
screen indicates it is light in nature. a lot of the rain will fall overnight but is expected to impact us friday morning. allow yourself extra time on your friday commute. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows unsettled weather continues into saturday and sunday. by sunday afternoon we could see an inch of rain for some of our more precarious. about 2 in. in the higher elevations. at 5:17 a.m. that show forecast on to traffic with george. >> we're not tracking any hot spots there was a stolid the bay bridge but it has been cleared. it did not have a chance to have an impact on the commute that is good news. your ride on the san mateo bridge 0.92 to clear shot in both directions between hayward and foster city. the golden gate bridge ride has no delays. for the ride to or from marin county. the drive
5:18 am
time as we check the traffic map to the ride on interstate 80 westbound 40 minutes hercules to berkeley. in easy trip to the san ramon valley 16 minutes from walnut creek to the public. there is a report of a new accident at handwriting on 680 south bound. so far no indication of delays. no problem 4101, 280. for highway 85. the our developing news we're following out of walnut creek there is new surveillance video the has been released the kidnapping of a woman and we have new information about the two men wanted for that. >> let's go to our solo reporter of like those of who joins us live from walnut creek with the story. >> the morning doriarsiaia.
5:19 am
>> you can see the suspect was drawing cash from the atm. police say this man along with another who was in the back seat of the car kit that a 57 year-old woman last wednesday. tiro, blindfolded her and drove her to several atms to take out money. >> they went by the names of david and all right. we do not know if those are their real names. thethe one who went by the name aubrey was in his 20s. >> the victim is doing well this morning. if you have any information on this case
5:20 am
please call walnut creek police. >> thank you mike. >> grows to store workers are returning to work this morning after 3 day negotiations. workers reached the agreement yesterday and in new workers walked off the job tenu10 days ago after a contract dispute. customers are happy the strike is over. >> everything is back to normal i do my shopping here get my guess here. >> i am glad is over. not only for the stores but primarily for the people were striking. >> a jury has convicted a man of sexually assaulting three women in san francisco's mission district. frederick the
5:21 am
osier was found guilty on 25 felony counts of attacking women last year he faces life in prison when he is sentenced next month. >> police are investigating a late night burglary at the oakland was tim of california ticket a round midnight on tuesday at least one more people broke into the museum. the security guard was at a to alert police who responded with in minutes the burglars or in to get away with some items. >> they are sad and very distraught that people would enter this facility in take out a successor for the public's benefit. >> oakland police say they have made an arrest in the case is unclear whether or not the stolen items have been located. >> three oakland police officers who helped deliver a baby boy along the side of the road last week or able to go back and see the child and his happy family. >> the surveillance video of
5:22 am
the baby born at a shell gas station. everybody huddled around a car. barry miller run sizinside and looked for help when he found the police. he was 7 lbs. 14 oz. the mother knew she was not going to take to the hospital because she has four children are ready. >> i knew i would panic. i was already in a state senate.e of panic. >> a hell the mom's legs of spirit we saw the baby in the they became. remember grabbing headfirst. >> that is where the office is in the movie the i did not sign up for this.
5:23 am
>> they did a great job she is very appreciative. maybe nolan same comes from the nolan zoo and the shell gas station. his name is nolan shell. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and developments in the elmo actor scandal with his accuser is now saying. >> a live look at san jose we have a chilly morning. >>
5:24 am
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welcome back. in national those residents of the east coast continue to face a monumental cleanup in the wake of superstar on sandy. many of the residence to not have power. people who live in belle harbor are sifting through what is less of their home. the neighborhood was not calling flooded but wiped out by a fire. it destroyed dozens of homes.
5:27 am
the new york governor said many people on a lot to do not have power because their homes are too unsafe to be reconnected. >> the man who accused elmo puppeteer kevin clash of having sex with him when he was a teenager now says that was not the case. he is as a sexual relations with clashed with the bulk of his centra aswas a bolt and consensual. >> this happening last night fire officials say one person escaped from his home. they only suffered-a minor injuries. one of the pot is as to return to the airport the plane went down minutes later. the pilots
5:28 am
were flying to a federal aviation demonstration safety conference less than 30 minutes away. >> 5:27 a.m. lead us take a live look at the san mateo bridge all is clear traffic is nice and light. it will be a nice day. warmer than yesterday's. lots of sunshine. 45 in san mateo. the high 72 this afternoon. things change we have rain on the way. erica is taking a look at the forecast of this weekend. alright let's break it down.
5:29 am
5:30 am
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5:31 am
that night we could have some rain. to continue an unsettled weather around bay area. temperatures not to that now. two to five degrees warmer than yesterday. 40 to expect for napa. downtown san francisco checking in and 52. looking at where the numbers are expected to go coming up in the back to port. george. >> looking at the ride on a san mateo bridge highway 92 is needed to meecommute. now you see slower traffic on highway 4. interstate 580 starting to slow a bit better than usual. still light traffic for the south bay peninsula and north bay rides. >> thank you george 5:31 a.m. developing new we're following out of daly city in the wake of the flooding. and the much like they had yesterday's. now we know
5:32 am
that that 8 in. cast-iron pipe at the daly city reservoir ruptured. we knew that and ruptured yesterday morning as we told you yesterday and it of 45,000 gal. of water down hill. four blocks were affected. no homes were flooded it turns out. as we told you 12 homes were evacuated and no one was hurt. the and the crews started during the repairs. they put the finishing touches on the cleanup last night and look what they had to do. this is the video we had from yesterday with a clean up efforts were underway. the cars are the biggest problem. several streets were flooded. lots of mud and water. it took awhile to dig the cars out there is with the residents had said. >> i thought while they
5:33 am
cleared it out quickly. of the cars on the left side were gone. i thought would be lager. i thought would be longer to assess what happened. that part is pretty much gone. >> as soon as i stepped outside everything was covered in mud i could not industry. my car was fully involved with mud. when i walked to the streets of the mud was above my knees. >> will walk out we saw mud all over the place. when we first left the house the mud was just starting. you could see mud covering the grass from the park. than when we came back we saw the mud was a lot higher more prominent. >> i think they the city has some explaining to do. >> residents did get back into their home yesterday's around and 30 a.m. the water supply to the residence had to be shut off for a short time no water has been affected from fabric.
5:34 am
>> in menlo park a lot of instantly rich people will be created this early investors. hundreds of millions of facebook shares the lockup. for those shares in state. let's go to jackie sissel from live from of a park. i am sure employes are coming in looking to day. >> i'm sure they have butterflies in their stomachs as they come into work today. they have been waiting since may 18th. that is one the company initially went public for this day. today is the day they're finally going to be able to sell the shares they have been holding onto it is the long six months.
5:35 am
5:36 am
5:37 am
>>if the government does end the fiscal cliff republicans in congress stated that most of the blame by a poll stated that 53 percent of americans bank that republicans would be more to blame if president obama and congress cannot come up with an agreement. they're stating that that will point their fingers at the republicans not president obama. the president will be responsible for 10% but both sides will share the blame. >>we talked about the business side of facebook but we will talk about the social side of facebook. we will talk about this coming up next.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>>welcome back the time is
5:41 am
now 5:40 a.m.. >>it seems set facebook is not liking the thing set are popping up on their web site. facebook is taking these things seriously. a new automated system is on tap to-- >>if you are married or dating that your relationship may have stepped to a new level. facebook have taken this information and created a page for you whether you want one or not. the page will detail your even some photos and one user stated that she was ready to break up with her husband of facebook just then the shared page. to >>diabetes cases around the world are escalating. have a people that have this disease are going bac
5:42 am
undiagnosed. 370 million people are living with diabetes. this is viewed as a western world problem. most people have the type to which is due to obesity. there are 45 diabetics who are living in lower middle come house calls. >>it is clear outside right now and san francisco was at 55 degrees. it will be a beautiful day of 70 degrees. we will be right back.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>>the time now is 5:45 a.m.. >>streets are clean in daly city after a giant mud slide triggered by all the water that came through. there was 45,000 worth of water
5:46 am
from a tank where the pipe ruptured. look at the mess. it took 12 hours for them. a lot cars were flooded or under mud. they had to be dug out. here is surveillance video of a kidnapping and walnut creek that happened last week and it shows you that the man the front seat is driving the car of the woman who was kidnapped. there is another man in the backseat as it went to atms and took money out. they took this from her, and police had leads of their identity. >>president obama is born to make a announcement about the federal investigation against david portrays. they're looking through eva's to determine whether national security was threatened at any time. he was having an affair with
5:47 am
his biographer. >>here is a view of a solar eclipse. scientists watched as this eclipse was captured. it across the northeast tip of the country. the next total eclipse will happen in march of 2015. >>let's take a look at our roof on the left. you can see the san for cisco's of view is clear and bright there's just day few cars on golden gate bridge. it looks like it will be a nice day. >>the warmest of the week and we anticipated to be ross 70 degrees.70 degrees. cles right now and we do not have any issues with visibility.
5:48 am
temperatures are running from 2 to 5 degrees warmer than an hour ago. richmond is waking up to 55 degrees. 51 degrees in daly city and 48 degrees in sunnyvale. futurecast 4 says that by 3:00 p.m. the green indicates that was the upper 60s to '70s ever were as. as we push the club and 8:00 p.m. tonight--cooler weather tonight and we will see an increase in cloud cover. i would like to talk about the afternoon highs because it will be a very pleasant afternoo. 71 for a san leandro.r east bay shoreline it will be 73 for oakland and mid
5:49 am
'70s for santa rosa. downtown san francisco will come in as 70 degrees. satellite and radar shows of the warmus trend will be into the next few days. we are tracking a system that set off shore and is about the outcome of the way but it will reach the coast around thursday night. there are a couple of different models in place. the earliest rain will show 6:00 p.m. on thursday night. we can see some light rain but that will be more scattered in the latter evening. >>the kron 47 day around the bay shows that there will be what weather into a saturday and sunday will have the heaviest downpour. which is the engine rain for we will coo
5:50 am
contend with moisture into monday and tuesday as well. it is 5:49 a.m.. >>we continue to monitor a pretty quiet ride around the bay area. there are no delays or incidents on the upper deck. your ride to the san mateo bridge still looks great. the midday transit is at 11 minutes. for your ride to the golden gate bridge 101 southbound it is still an easy trip. it is light traffic on the northbound side. the drive time has not changed. the east bay freeway is still a very light ride. coming down past richmond parkway the san ramon valley drive is 16 minutes from the southbound direction. westbound 580 s. first st. in livermore--
5:51 am
we're problem free here and the north bay ride is still without the lead from nevada down to the golden gate bridge. public transit is problem free this morning. >>california is doing paint a trade program. even though there is a lawsuit that has been filed the trade plan is essential to good california's warming lot. this will dramatically reduce the mission and the program places a limit on polluters. businesses here in california are required to pass the missions or by--if a business cuts in emissions they can make a commission. this is scheduled for to o'clock a.m. this morning and this is been closely watched around the world. >>the golden state warriors will keep construction on
5:52 am
their waterfront arena. the team has a great honor the ordinance. contractors would you san francisco workers for least 25% of the construction. this is a $1 million reserve. the iran that is privately funded the warriors were not required to abide by his ordnance. they stated that this could have employed 2500 construction workers. >>more baseball wars have been announced. baba melvin has been chosen as the manager of the year. they have low as payroll and the american league. it won the division and based upon the tigers and five days. melvin is a two-time winner and 2007 he was with--
5:53 am
>>david johnson of the washington nationals was chosen as the nationals manager of the year. the national school never enjoyed a winning season posted the best in the majors and 1998. johnson also won in 1997 when he was with the orioles. he finished third in the voting but the boat was done before the playoffs started. >>the most valuable players will be announced tomorrow and most people are looking at buster posey. >>we are focusing on the weather because it's a nice day today and we will have a drastic change is coming up. the current temperature right now is 44 degrees. the i will be 72 degrees.
5:54 am
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♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >>we are watching bay area weather because this would
5:57 am
be the last nice day in a while. we do have the rain that is coming in on friday and a chance of a few sprinkles. there will be rain on sunday. >>coming up on kron 4 morning newels is 6:00 a.m.. the streets are clean and daly city considering to what happened yesterday. they're still a lot questions about all this mud. we will have a live report coming up on this. >>this actor cannot have more to his rise in may. we will tell you more coming up. it we are expecting a nice temperatures around the bay today and there will be some changes in store. we will be right back.
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